About Our Contributors

Jan Barendrecht

Jan Barendrect is a long time contributor to both the HarshaSatsangh and the Nonduality Salon. He originally hails from Holland, but is now living in the bliss-inducing Canary Isles of Southern Europe. Apart from noticing some important similarities between the Epic of Gilgamesh and the Kundalini energy process, he is also an active proponent of fruitarianism, the ahimsa way to nutrition. For more writings by him, see the nonduality salon website and the raw foods section of this website.

Linda Callanan

Linda Callanan has worked for over 20 years in the fields of Astrology, Yoga and related subjects. She is a member of the American Council of Vedic Astrologers and teaches Annai Yoga and Astrology to individuals and groups.

Holly Barrett, Ph.D.

Holly Barrett a psychologist living in rural New Mexico with her husband, dogs, cats and goats.

Greg Goode, Ph.D.

Greg Goode studied psychology and philosophy at the University of California, University of Cologne, Germany, and University of Rochester. A student of deep inquiry in the mystical traditions for decades until his search came to a joyous conclusion, Greg has written on the topics of consciousness, nondualism, yoga, and Buddhism. He is a frequent contributor to the Nonduality Salon, HarshaSatsangh, MahaMudra and Dharma-Direct internet lists, as well as a co-moderator of the Advaitin list. He teaches Advaita and Madhyamika philosophy in New York City, and has a set of web pages on the Nonduality.com server called Presence On hot summer days in and around New York City, Greg likes to ride a “track bike,” a fixed-gear bicycle with no brakes.

David Hodges

David Hodges is a Web developer who lives and works in New Haven, Connecticut. He studied English at Antioch College, and Creative Writing at Southern Connecticut State University. A student of Yoga, he has been inspired by the works of Sri Ramana Maharshi, Sri Nisargatta Maharaj, and Sri Aurobindo. He is a poet and photographer, and keeps an online journal on his web site, http://www.outermost.com where you can find some of his photographs and writings.

Michael Hortling

Michael Hortling, after a career in real-estate and international banking in Belgium and other countries, now lives in Germany and enjoys the avocation of music. He is focussing on bringing the kundalini process to an end. He finds that the cessation of the kunalini process creates serious doubts about the so-called objective aspects of life, and also gives rise to a spontaneous process of inquiry into the nature of the self and the world.

Gloria Lee

Gloria Lee lives in the quiet countryside 60 miles from Washington DC, enjoying retirement from social work and counseling. She and her husband spend their leisure time singing with the local college chorale, gardening, and reading together. Books about Buddhism, including history and culture of China, Japan, and Tibet are a favorite shared interest. As a list afficionado from their beginnings, Gloria participates in NondualitySalon, MahaMudra, and Dharma-Direct, along with HarshaSatsangh. About the magazine, I would like to say, “It makes me very happy to give something back to the people of these internet communities who so enrich all our lives by sharing their hearts and minds day by day. The inspiration of their generosity of spirit gives them all a presence here, whether their names appear or not. What does appear here is thanks to our many contributors, and especially thanks to the countless hours of work given by Greg Goode and David Hodges to put it all together. Their kind patience and good humor with (oh, no!) yet another change or addition is as boundless as my gratitude to them. And of course, none of this would exist without Harsha and the friendship he inspires to create the fellowship of a true sangha

Pham D. Luan (KKT)

Pham Luan is a Buddhist practitioner and writes about Dzogchen and Buddhism for HarshaSatsangh, the Nonduality Salon, and the Dharma-Direct internet lists.

Frank Maiello

Frank writes, “Plainview, NY, 1968: Zen unlocks the mystery that in fact Reality is Itself an Unfathomable Mystery that defies unlocking! I then found this Mystery at the base of the teachings of Krishna, Jesus, Lao Tzu, Chuang Tzu, Rumi, Osho, Tokusan, Milarepa, Padmasambava… the list goes on and on. Its clarity, however, reached its pinnacle for me in the mouna diksha (silence initiation) of my guru Ramana, who opened the way to the mounam of Dakshinamurthi to brahman Itself. I stand now naked in the wilderness, proclaiming loud and clear as the Big Bang Bell of Creation Itself that Self-realization is already utterly everyone’s experience *here and now*! That it is the common and most paradoxic of all delusions in how we’ve consistently managed *to go out of our way* to construct the belief in our being otherwise!”

MY FATHER’S PLACE, Roslyn NY, Nov’76 (backstage): Renowned blues singer John Hammond, meeting me for the first time and evidently intrigued by my performance, turned to me and said, “Who are *you*?” I replied, smiling, “I don’t know…who’s *anyone*?”

(Frank has a website called Pathways to Metaphysics on the secret teachings of the Ancients. –The Editors)

Mace Mealer

Mace Mealer is a poet and frequent contributor to the Nonduality Salon, HarshaSatsangh and other internet groups. He is very fond of the photo-journalism of the American W. Eugene Smith, and includes one of Smith’s photos in this issue. For more information on Smith, see the information here .

Dusan Pajin, Ph.D.

Dusan Pajin is Professor of Aesthetics and Philosophy of Art at Belgrade Art University in Yugoslavia. Besides writing poetry and being a scholar of aesthetics, Buddhism, and Eastern philosophy, Dusan is himself artist. Admiring the famous Ch’an painters and working primarily in the style of “landscape Buddhism,” Dusan gave a one-man exhibition in 1996 of seventy paintings at the National Dr. Sun Yatsen Memorial Hall in Taipei, Taiwan. His website is available at http://dekart.f.bg.ac.yu/~dpajin/. In his spare time, Dusan pursues archery and table tennis.

Michael Read

Born into a family of cowboy roots, Michael Read comes from the heart of the U.S. Midwest. He laughingly refers to himself as the ‘Only Truly Enlightened Being in the Entire Universe’, and loves everybody and everything. Michael is fond of saying, “Everything condensed into consciousness. How I laughed when I realized that everything I believed in was wrong! Not bad wrong, just wrong! It was like trying to solve a simple puzzle and then just getting it. HAHAHAH and HOHOHO!”

Vib “Vibri” Ribbon

While not pondering on the similarities between Jnana and Kundalini Yoga, Vib “Vibri” Ribbon enjoys taking short walks in highly variable terrain at night when the the world most closely resembles that of a dark, two dimensional field. Vibri attempts to cheerfully negotiate the various obstacles in life, all to the beat of a pounding techno soundtrack.

Robert Ryder

Robert is a retired Biologist/RN and is now part of a small unique group, in SW Missouri, called Oneness Center, that studies comparative religion and mysticism.

Jerry Weinstein, a.k.a. Jerrysan Rinpoche

Jerry writes: Self-described as a former jockstrap, lawyer, musician, traveler, and eternal romantic. Current preoccupations include: surviving kundalini, arts cinema, Tibetan monastery, zen gardens, lover of the earth (except for 2 weeks in March when in hibernation for NCAA tournament).