Harsh K. Luthar

Chief Executive Editor
Harsh K. Luthar, Ph.D.

Harsh K. Luthar holds a Ph.D. in management from Virginia Tech and teaches courses in Human Resource Management, Business and Society, and Employment Relations at the undergraduate and MBA levels at Bryant University. Dr. Luthar has appeared on the Rhode Island Public Television show 13th State with Paul Zangari in five half-hour interviews related to his research in education and management topics. These interviews have included discussions on the importance of corporate ethical behavior in society, employee loyalty in today’s organizations, stress management in work and life, the role of gender in workplace perceptions, and related management issues. He has given presentations at the Academy of Management and written scholarly articles in the areas of International Human Resource Management, Business Ethics Education, Gender and Race in the workplace, and Spiritual Leadership.

Dr. Luthar’s interest in the nature of consciousness and perception led him to yogic and meditative practices with the Gayatri mantra in early childhood. After receiving his B.A in philosophy, he studied the philosophy of nonviolence and its role in contemplative traditions with the Jain master Sri Chitrabhanuji for four years. His area of interest and specialization is the integration of Shakti Yoga traditions with the teaching of Sri Ramana Maharshi. Dr. Luthar is the founder of HarshaSatsangh, a spiritual fellowship based on the principles of nonviolence and reflective self-inquiry.

International Chief of Content
Sam Pasiencier, Ph.D.

Sam Pasiencier was born in Havana, Cuba. His parents had emigrated there from Poland. In 1942 they fulfilled a long-standing wish to be reunited with their families and moved to Portland, Maine. Sam received his Bachelor’s and Masters degrees in mathematics from the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor and later his Ph.D in Mathematics from Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois. While living in New York teaching at NYU Sam experienced a powerful satori that was to change his life. He retrained as a Bioenergetics Therapist and later went to Poona where he took Sannyas from Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh as he was then called. He lived in various Osho communes in Canada, Oregon and Holland and eventually settled in Amersfoort, Holland where he now resides.

Current Editor-in-Chief
Joyce Sweinberg, Esquire

A graduate of Temple Law School, Joyce received her Juris Doctor degree in 1981. She lives near Philadelphia with her two sons, Jason and Jesse along with their dog and birds. She maintains a private practice and handles civil litigation cases. In her spare time, she enjoys photography, writing, yoga, music and gardening.

“Most of my adult life has been spent in total oblivion to anything spiritual. I briefly explored Pentecostal Christianity, TM, and yoga in my teen years. Raised in the Catholic faith, I stopped going to church in college, and was agnostic at best, disillusioned and dubious. Then, after a long period of challenging and somewhat devastating life events, the Lord came and took me by the scruff of my puppy dog neck and put me through Surrender 101. There, because of the Grace of God, go ‘I’.”

Food Editor and Indian Chef
Raj Mataji

Raj Mataji was born in Punjab of the old India of the 1930s to Srimati Parvati and Sri Hirananda S. Although British rule prevailed in India at the time, leaders like Mahatma Gandhi were already becoming well known and were openly asking for the independence of India. Indian women at that time were far removed from politics and their place was considered to be the home. As the eldest daughter, Raj Mataji was responsible for helping her mother with the cooking for her father and eight siblings (Seven brothers and one sister) and the extended family. In her teen years Raj Mataji became an expert in Punjabi cooking. After finishing high school she went to college and studied History, English, and Hindi in Amritsar, Punjab. Her marriage was arranged to Sri Rajindar L. in the1950s. Together, they raised three sons and saw the birth of seven grandchildren.

Chief Information Officer David Hodges, M.A.

David Hodges is a web developer who lives and works in New Haven, Connecticut. He studied English at Antioch College, and Creative Writing at Southern Connecticut State University. A student of Yoga, he has been inspired by the works of Sri Ramana Maharshi, Sri Nisargatta Maharaj, and Sri Aurobindo. He is a poet and photographer, and keeps an online journal on his web site, wandertheearth, where you can find some of his photographs and writings.

David has been working with the magazine since its inception, providing technical advice without which the magazine could not exist.

Editor-In-Chief for Volume III
Berit Ellingsen, M.Sc.

Berit Ellingsen lives in a small town in the southwest of Norway. She has a degree in biology from the University of Bergen, Norway and works in a small bookstore. She is a long time member of the HarshaSatsangh.

Berit has worked with patience and creativity to bring the magazine to a new level in substance and format.

Arts and Poetry Editor for Volume III and Editor-In-Chief for Volumes I and II. Gloria Lee, M.A.

Gloria lives in the quiet countryside, enjoying retirement from social work and counseling. She and her husband spend their leisure time singing with the local college chorale, gardening, and reading together. Their latest project is making a small pond. She is also one of the editors of the Nondual Highlights.

It was Gloria who helped create the magazine, putting in long hours to achieve a format and design for future editors to rely upon as the magazine evolves. To quote her from the first Volume…

“About the magazine, I would like to say, “It makes me very happy to give something back to the people of these internet communities who so enrich all our lives by sharing their hearts and minds day by day. The inspiration of their generosity of spirit gives them all a presence here, whether their names appear or not. What does appear here is thanks to our many contributors, and especially thanks to the countless hours of work given by Greg Goode and David Hodges to put it all together. Their kind patience and good humor with (oh, no!) yet another change or addition is as boundless as my gratitude to them. And of course, none of this would exist without Harsha and the friendship he inspires to create the fellowship of a true sangha.”

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