Great article from yogini mystic writer Mira Prahbu currently living near the holy hill of Arunachala.

mira prabhu

flightfoxcomIn the course of a fiery discussion on how so-called gurus milk unwary disciples of their money as well as precious intangibles, a friend mentioned that Papaji (a devotee of Ramana Maharshi who later became a guru in his own right) had bluntly prophesied that in the not-so-distant future, a lot of money would be made out of drugs, guns and satsangh.

Now drugs and guns have always been money-spinners for unscrupulous individuals who worship Mammon—but making money out of satsangh? And what does the word mean in the first place? Etymologically satsangh derives from two Sanskrit words: sat (ultimate truth) and sangha (the company of spiritual friends). It means a gathering of seekers whose primary interest is to awaken the divine within themselves—and who seek strength and support as they tread the tortuous yet amazing journey into inner space. Often gurus hold satsanghs for their followers, and today’s…

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4 thoughts on “DRUGS, GUNS & SATSANGH

  1. “a solid foundation in eastern philosophy” we should have? That would be like building on sand. Eastern and western philosophy are strings of words that constantly shift, both using jargon that create a sense of mystery. Only Zen offers a practical method called a keisaku, a stick used to come up ‘side your head when one lags in thought control. Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor’s “stroke of insight” showed that awakening is a physical rather than spiritual phenomena. Might there be lobotomies for awakening in the future? A subject for science or horror fiction writers.
    As far as the hand wringing over money goes, Eckhard Tolle and Byron Katie are up in the $30 million range, offering tips that are not worth a bucket of spit. Their value lies in heralding a different way to relieve false suffering that most have been unaware of.

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