The Mother of all Chai: By Dr. Harsh K. Luthar

This morning I skipped breakfast and made instead the “Mother of all Chai”, my special Vegan Chai recipe.

I grated fresh ginger root, grated fresh turmeric root, added five cinnamon sticks (maybe more) and a lot of whole black peppers as well as lot of Fennel seeds, Anise seeds, and Ajwain seeds. Not stopping there, I added many whole Cloves and Cardamom seeds.

The I put the mix in a large pot of water and brought the pot to a boil.

After letting it simmer on low for ten minutes, I added loose black Darjeeling tea to the mix and let it simmer for 5 more minutes.

Using a strainer to pour the liquid in my Chai mug, I added Soy milk and then sweetened the mixture with stevia.

Finally, I sat down and sipped the Chai slowly and watched as this magical potion gently energized me and made me smile and sing.

Mother of all Chai

6 thoughts on “The Mother of all Chai: By Dr. Harsh K. Luthar

    • Sometimes you might pray for “that” to have granted you a merciful death instead? In this case, I would. With extreme fervor, indeed, vehemence. Turmeric, Darjeeling tea, ajwain? 5 cinnamon sticks + cloves [which cost more than most Indian laborers earn in a month, and presumably would be discarded after a single use for a single person?] and anise+ fennel ? And all these spices to be thrown away? Darjeeling tea? How expensive is that? Autumn flush, at least, I think, for a person of discriminating tastes?

      I can imagine Sri Bhagavan rummaging in your kitchen wastebasket, carefully retrieving and washing off the tea leaves from the spices and grinding them into a tasty garam masala, and making a delicious mixed sabzi with the lot, enough for at least 30-40 devotees. For a sadhu who mastered the art of cooking eggplant stalks for hours into a delicious dish but sadly left us no clues to that secret, I am sure the garam/wet masala route is way more transparent!!

      Dr. Luthar, is this not taking a bit too much care of a body and mind that are hugely transient and very prone to mislead? Please forgive me if I am being too negative. However, this is one post that finds me thinking that life and success, youth and well-being, can become somewhat counterproductive. YMMV My sincere apologies if I misspoke.


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