Samsung Introduces Ultra Fast 60Ghz Wi-Fi Technology

Samsung announced today that it has developed the fastest Wi-Fi technology on the planet, five times faster than what currently exists today.

According to the Samsung announcement, the new 60 GHz Wi-fi technology will be integrated into its products by early next year.

“The 60 GHz Wi-Fi technology will enable a 1 gigabyte movie to be transferred between devices in less than three seconds while allowing uncompressed high-definition videos to be streamed in real time, the Suwon, South Korea-based company said in an e-mailed statement today. The technology removes the gap between theoretical and actual speeds, and exhibits actual speeds more than 10 times faster than with existing Wi-Fi technologies, it said.”

“Samsung has successfully overcome the barriers to the commercialization” of the 60 GHz Wi-Fi technology, Kim Chang Yong, head of a Samsung research-and-development center, said in the statement. “New and innovative changes await Samsung’s next-generation devices, while new possibilities have been opened up for the future development of Wi-Fi technology.”

Industry experts are of the view that this ultra fast Wi-Fi Technology is likely to be under the 802.11ad wireless protocol.

My comments: In my view, this ultra fast Wi-Fi technology will first be incorporated in Samsung smartphones and tablets, where Samsung is facing intense competition due to Apple introducing the large screen iPhones. It will be interesting to see the response from Apple, Microsoft, and Google in the coming week. Due to the ease of streaming this technology will allow, Netflix and others will be looking at the implications of  802.11ad wireless protocol for their business model.

The sources for this article as well as the quotes are the following two links.


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