Guru Vachaka Kovai (verses 14-18) on Guru Purnima

Offered on Guru Poornima by Alan Jacobs

The ocean-girdled maiden Earth’s
Hard, long penance has borne fruit,
Pure Being, glorious Siva Himself,
Embodied in human form as Guru
Ramana of flawless wisdom
Has come to us.

Let us in the Heart Cherish His sacred Feet.
Our blessed benediction fits
This Sacred Guru Purnima Day,
which Seeks to dispel delusion.
That One word is Ramana, the Self,
Abiding In every Devotees spiritual Heart.

Awareness pure, true Being shining
In silence. Self-experience of
The real I, behind the false.
Conceptual “I”, is Bhagavan transcendent,

With His lotus Feet we crown our heads.
To those who look within, the highest
Good gained by the Master’s grace,
Is wakeful sleep, the turya state,
The undying flame, the sweet, uncloying
Fruit for ever fresh.

Heart, free from liking and disliking.
Form comely with the comeliness
Of perfect wisdom, He, our Master.
The goal of all true goodness,
Has destroyed our ignorance and fear.
His Feet are our last refuge.

[Freely adapted from V 14-18 0f the Guru
Vachaka Kovai of Sri Muruganar- A.J.]

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