How Simple and Natural Food Changes Your Life: by Dr. Damiana Corca

After a two-month break from my writing, here I am, ready to share with you brand new ideas and thoughts. On a more personal note, my husband and I have recently moved to Chattanooga, Tennessee and we are excited to let you know that we will open the Elite HealthPlex Clinic here in Chattanooga, late this fall.

This article was inspired by the mountains and rich nature where our farm is located. Next spring is going to be a full and busy one for me, as I plan to have a relatively big garden, enough to grow most of the vegetables that one needs for a self-sustainable life. The following thoughts are just what I needed to reinforce this decision – the desire for fresh, organic, healthy food.

Food can bring delightful tastes and much pleasure but it can also govern and control your life. Nothing wrong with enjoying food but mind you, when highly processed food is part of your diet, addiction follows fast.

I have been a healthy eater for as long as I can remember. But I still enjoy a tasty bar of chocolate, love bread and, am a bit addicted to cheese. Growing up in a farm leaves traces behind – beautiful, clean memories. The bread came from our own wheat and the cheese was made weekly by my mother. Getting back to our roots is what we need today.

Anyways, despite my good habits I have recently learnt a lesson. I decided to follow a program that I often recommend to my patients – a 21-day program that combines lifestyle and diet changes and organic whole food supplements that help purify and give your body a kick to start the healing process.

The diet consists of vegetables and fruit, lentils or wild/brown rice combined with a few teaspoonfuls of oil a day and lots of water. Nature at its highest power! It pushes one to try new vegetables and new ways of combining them. I have learnt to cook different soups that I would probably never have tried otherwise.

This leaves ALL processed food behind – no bread or pasta, no dairy, no meat. Just pure, clean vegetables and fruits – so as to give your body a chance to focus less on digestion and more on healing. The program does allow eating organic, low fat meat from the 11th day up, however this is a personal choice. Whole food vegetable protein such as whey is offered to supplement the protein needs for these 21 days.

The supplements added to this diet are made of organic, whole food preparations, to aid and stimulate the function of the Liver, Kidneys, and Intestines. Ultimately, food is what can bring healing and long-term results.

Why do we need this kind of changes in our diet? Because there are approximately 80,000 synthetic chemicals registered for use in the U.S. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention states that there are hundreds of these chemicals present in our bodies. They are everywhere, from air and water, cosmetics, household cleaning products to pesticides and herbicides that ultimately end up in our food.

Before I tell you the benefits of this program, I will share with you my experience. It literally changed my life and taught me how shifting priorities can make you a different person. This reminded me of the time when I started meditating and had this amazing insight – life is never the same after you experience the silence and the love you feel when allowing your heart to speak. This clean, pure, simple diet did something similar. And I believe that this is something to be expected. We are a whole; we should not separate the body from soul. Goethe wisely said: “Take care of your body with steadfast fidelity. The soul must see through these eyes alone, and if they are dim, the whole world is clouded. “

And yes, many patients loose weight, health problems start improving, there is increased energy, and digestion gets better, along with clearer skin and other benefits depending on each person.

This is a lifestyle change, not a quick fix. A 21-day journey is long enough to build new, better habits, by substituting the old ones. It gives you a chance to realize that simple food can really be tasty. Through these simple choices you will reeducate your tastes. You will discover that coconut oil can be as tasty as butter, but with the better health benefits. Your taste buds will me amazed to discover the real taste of a salad. Olive oil, apple cider vinegar, and a bit of salt are enough to make a great salad without overwhelming it with a heavy, high calorie dressing.

You only need to dare try it! Let the joy of simple food become a part of your life. There is always a choice and a wide range of different possibilities. One of my previous articles entitled “Eating Healthier Just Got Easier” can bring more ideas for you to make that shift.

Be Healthy and Happy!

By Dr. Damiana Corca, DOM, AP, Dipl. C.H. & O.M.

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