Love Is The Key: By Ramesh Chivukula

Love is the Key
Through the door of Fear.

Fear is doubt,
Fear is Ignorance ,
Fear is Maya.

As the Light of Love
Ever Shines,
There is no room for darkness of Fear

In faith, there is no fear.
Surrender and  be done
Remains then only Peace … only Love !!

Editor’s Note: The poem was edited from its original version in which it was submitted.

2 thoughts on “Love Is The Key: By Ramesh Chivukula

  1. A note on ‘Editor’s Note’: It is my humble request not to ever EVER ‘edit’ / truncate/ alter/ modify/ improve anybody’s poem. There is something called a poetic licence so the poet is the only person on earth, besides the sage who is free to say anything in any way he wants.
    And poetry is something NOT TO BE played around with.

    Being the editor, you have full authority to edit/ censor/ modify/ delete this comment too, but i simply say what IS.

    Thanks and regards


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