Goddess As The Guru In Tripura Rahasya

Sri Sri Anandmayi Ma

The classic Goddess scripture Tripura Rahasaya is well known to Sanskrit scholars and now a number of translations exist in English.

Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi often quoted from Tripura Rahasya and considered it one of the greatest works that expounded Advaita philosophy. Bhagavan’s close devotee Munagala Venkataramaiah (later known as Swami Ramanananda Saraswathi)  translated Tripura Rahasya into English in 1936. That was the first translation of this classic, I believe. A number of Sanskrt scholars since then have made their own translations into English.

In many Hindu scriptures like Tripura Rahasaya, the ultimate Guru is Devi, the Supreme Goddess.  She gives instructions to the sages so they can know the highest truth of Reality and attain Self-Realization.

In the path of Tantra, the sciences explaining the mystery of mantra, mind, and breath are explored and explained. Tantric texts focus on the nature of the divine energy within the body, also known as Kundalini Shakti, that moves through the chakras (centers of power) giving rise to various super-conscious experiences and leads to Samadhi.

When the aspirant is spiritually mature,  the Shakti, the Supreme Goddess Herself, takes and merges the mind of the devotee in the Heart and then reveals HerSelf to be the Heart. Then there is no more Goddess or devotee and the universe disappears.

Eternal Bliss as Self-Revelation, the very essence of Beauty, remains as ItSelf. That is what the ancients called Sat-Chit-Ananda. The One without a second. That is the Self. That is Brahman.