Fait Accompli

052904 002

Fait Accompli

As the dawn blooms into the light of day
And the petals of flowers open to pray
So open your heart

As the day surrenders to the cloak of the night
In the eternal cycle of change
So too must you

As each breath you take fills you with the energy of life
Sustaining the body in which you are clothed
So you must be inhaled

As the sun shines effulgent dissolving the ethers
And the fire consumes the veils
So die to the fires

As the moon glows luminous
Softly bathing the naked earth
So stand before her

As the rain falls upon the earth
Nourishment to the soil, boon to the harvest
So drink of the nectar

As the path you walk seems laden with strife
Lessons to be learned in life
So embrace your sorrow

As the wind carries the fallen leaves
to wherever it wills
So offer no resistance

Just keep walking into the light
Sivuda:gjna le:nide: chi:maina: kuttadu
For without Ishwara’s will, Even an ant will not bite.

052904 008

“You say you offer your body,
soul and all possessions to God.
Were they yours that you could offer them?
At best, you can only say, ‘I falsely imagined
till now that all these which are yours were mine.
Now I realize they are yours. I shall no more act as if they are mine.’
This knowledge that there is nothing but God or Self,
that I or mine don’t exist and that only the Self exists, is jnana.
Thus there is no difference between bhakti and jnana.
is jnana mata or the mother of jnani).”

~ Ramana Maharshi~

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