May You Walk in Peace: By Michael Read

May you walk in peace
Through storm and fire.

You seek me out,
Through pain and fear.
You ask me why I do these things
Of horror and despair
That hides the beauty of your heart
And makes you cry out in anguish.

Should I set you down in roses,
Feeding you of milk and honey
Would you then seek me out?
You may think the roses yours,
That honey and milk flow by your effort,
Then praise me as mighty.

Foolish child with willful ways,
You seek to define me.
With your hopes and fears
Your prayers and beliefs,
Telling all what I am and am not.
Smug in your crib you know nothing,
Only I know the truth.

From the womb to the grave
Beyond the grave and back again
I endlessly grant you life
I endlessly grant you death
Beyond death I grant you the greatest wonders
Then I bring you back again, anew.

Now open your eyes and see me,
Through fire and storm.
Walk in peace for I am You.

From the Awakening Heart – Mu

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