Wondrous Power of Kuan-yin: By Dusan Pajin, Ph.D.


They say you cannot say
When will she appear,
Wherefrom will she come.
For ages I searched perfections
In old sutra
I saw them exemplified in sculptures
On the bodhisattva faces.
In time of great need
Surrounded by cruelty and suffering
Immersed in the great destruction
Complaining about my karma
On a rainy afternoon
Suddenly I met Kuan Yin.
Claiming to be ignorant of Buddhism
She manifested perfections
Demonstrating Compassion
Giving free lessons in kindness,
Wisdom in disguise
With virtue complete.

Dusan Pajin


Wondrous Powers
Hands formed of light and dreams
A touch of another world

Vid Vukasovic

Copyright © 1997 Dusan Pajin. All Rights Reserved.

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