Shakti: Power of the Goddess: By Dr. Harsh K. Luthar

Sri Ma Anandmayi

Gopi Krishna’s emphasis on Kundalini as a biological evolutionary force is a very limited view of the great Shakti.

Shakti is the fundamental Spiritual Principle and Force which has physical, mental, and psychic manifestations. These manifestations cannot indicate or capture the depth of this Great Power. Its ultimate nature is only realized when the Shakti completes its Journey to the end and reveals the deepest mystery of existence and the Self is Recognized.

Yes, the Shakti is Maha Sarswati, the Goddess of Wisdom. She makes one a poet, a scholar, and an orator. She bestows high intelligence. She is the teacher in both the earthly and subtle psychic realms.

But the Shakti is more than that. She is the primal absolute and overwhelming beauty, all pervasive, call her what you want. Call her the Holy Spirit, Call her the Goddess of Love, Call her Maheshwari, Maha Lakshmi, Maha Kali, Tripura Sundari. What difference can a name make?

Shakti has far more to bestow than mere “Genius.” She is the mystery of mysteries who reveals Absolute Consciousness at the very Center of Being. She makes one a devotee and ultimately shows Her true nature in the Heart as nothing but the Heart, as the Heart It Self.

Om Shakti Namo, Om Devi Namo!

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