Photographs by Mazie Lane

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Mazie Lane

“Well, I guess I’ll just tell what led me to where I’m at now: At the age of 20 I had a near-death experience and was guided to Paramahansa Yoganandaji, my guru. The path he’s shown me is the path of devotion as advised in the Bhagavad-Gita. At the same time as this, Sri Ramana Maharshi also stepped into my life, presenting the query “Who am I?” I studied literature and poetry while at Sacramento State University, and, also the study of figure-drawing was a keen interest. My interest in the “spiritual” began as a child contemplating “how far is far?” During the past year my chief occupation has been the writing of mystical poetry, inspired mainly by Rumi and Hafiz. Being in the company of this Advaitist group has been the best lesson I could turn to each day.”

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A Meeting On A Forest Road: By Mazie Lane


When I was ten years old, arthritis presented in my life and has remained my constant companion since. Not long after I became ill, my father, who worked for the state in the field of agriculture, was out on the road surveying orchards in Butte County. He had stopped by a river to eat his lunch and he settled down under a tree with a heavy heart, for he carried the Heartbreaking burden of a father who had to watch his Beloved child endure endless pain and a constant, relentless destruction of the body through joint deteriorization. He felt helpless in a way that might be rightly understood if one has ever had or has a child who is stricken with a catastrophic illness.

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Mazie Lane’s Poetry: By Mazie Lane

No Form All Form Nowhere Everywhere

Not in form bound in or around this round of existence,
I Am.
In every form finding itself floundering all around, unfound,
I Am.
Can’t be expounded, can’t be propounded, can’t be in my head pounded,
I Am.
This is nothing, that is nothing, you are nothingeverything, say THAT
I Am.
Someone moves inside from somewhere bringing something speaking nothing,
I Am.

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