The Politics of Chinese Herbs: by Dr Damiana Corca

Would one be correct in thinking that designing an herbal formula is simply a matter of blending a few herbs together? Not quite correct. With your permission, I will endeavor to enlighten you on this point. Devising an herbal formula is a complex process which requires much more than thinking symptomatically and merely blending herbs together. It’s sort of like cooking. A meal is not just ingredients put together; it rather involves a touch of art and skill. Continue reading

Chinese Herbs Formulas – a story of a legacy that became history: by Dr Damiana Corca

Chinese Medicine is still relatively new for some people in US and sometimes I come up against the skeptic’s question: does Chinese Medicine work? I don’t quite understand those energy pathways and then those Chinese Herbs, and how would I know that this kind of medicine is trustworthy. My husband always says that he loves skeptical people, just because he can see how people’s reticent attitude is revolutionized after sampling the benefits of Chinese medicine – there is no need for explanation, as the results speak for themselves. However, before getting to the treatment proper, I like to tell a story to the patients that pose such questions. Continue reading