NonDuality Salon The most complete source for anything in regard to NonDuality on the web…the creation of our good friend and brother, Jerry Katz. Good source for information on Sri Ramana Maharshi PLUS free books to download. It includes the ‘Maharshi Newsletter’, a great resource which is archived here (1991-1996) and here (1997-2002).

Web sites and pages by HarshaSatsangh regulars:

More writings by Greg Goode, Ph.D.:

James Travers: Being Yoga

Nothing to add… Jan Barendrecht’s site, from the Canary Islands. Lots of information about Kundalini and NonDuality, plus some exquisite nature photography. Online journaling, street photography, Haiku, and other poetry from David Hodges

The Wild Song of Standing Free, and other writings by Jerry Katz:

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