The contents of this blog site are based upon the opinions and views of Dr. Harsh K. Luthar and other authors who write here. Contributions are accepted on a variety of topics. Please do consider writing for the site if you are a good or an aspiring writer and have something to say on an important life issue. We do not accept content that already exists on another website. However, authors whose original work is accepted and published can put a link to their website after their articles so readers can click on the link and learn more.

Authors can write on a number of topics. The site focuses on general issues of life, love, self-inquiry, reflection, yoga, meditation, food, education, personal development, and enlightenment as these pertain to living, working, and engaging in personal relationships. There is also some emphasis on the business and ethical context of commerce and understanding the new technologies and their impact on society. The essays, stories, poetry, and the artwork found on this site are typically presented within a philosophical, reflective, analytical, and a meditative framework.

Please keep in mind that this blog site is meant for enlightened and good natured entertainment. It is not meant as a substitute for professional advice of any kind.

If you wish to contribute to the blog, send an e-mail giving a brief outline of the topic of interest. To contact Dr. Harsh K. Luthar, please fill the contact form below. Thanks.

(C) Copyright 1997-2014. Dr. Harsh K. Luthar. All Rights Reserved.

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