Your Karma Ate My Dogma…1

Mira Prabhu writes brilliantly about karma and her writing style captivates the reader.

mira prabhu

karma1An emerald green SUV shot past us on the long highway leading back from Washington DC to Takoma Park. I read the bumper sticker displayed prominently on its back and grinned: it read, as you might have guessed: Your Karma Ate My Dogma.

What I enjoy most about Americans on the eastern spiritual path—along with their heart-warming generosity and willingness to embrace the universe in all its crazy splendor—is their irreverent sense of humor. And yet, while the “k” word is bandied around in new age circles almost as much as the “f” word in Manhattan, few westerners seem to discern just how wide-ranging are the implications of karmic theory—by which I mean its potential for transforming human life.

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2 thoughts on “Your Karma Ate My Dogma…1

  1. Mira, this is one of the most comprehensive and easy-to-understand explanations about the subject of Karma that I have ever read. It was only until recently that I felt karma and the very discussion about such a topic, and of what seemed to be the endless debate about it, somewhat also seemed convoluted and at times confusing to say the least? Your grasp of the knowledge about karma has certainly cleared up the confusion and erased my doubts as I had myself wondered, at times, whether such a thing actually does exist and operate within and without the cosmic paradigm in Universal Law, and as an everlasting opportunity to evolve and progress towards the re-rememberance that one and everyone is already self realised? If you still know of the title of the slim paperback book, and whether this is still in print, in regard to a Yogi sat motionless and completely free and happy, that you read in you father’s library, I would be interested to read the contents. Thank you for taking the time to write about the subject of karma.


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