Yoga Instructor Dominates Cupcake Contest

The Power of Yoga to increase the digestive fires!

Nancy Cummings Nancy Cummings

It is stated in the classic yogic texts that through the power of yoga and pranayama, the digestive fires grow bright. This enables the yogi to eat massive quantities of food and burn it up quickly.  Is there truth to that?

Nancy Cummings, a yoga instructor,  recently won a chocolate cupcake eating contest by eating 17 cupcakes in 5 minutes. She claims that her yoga practice has given her what it takes to eat and win.

“I am disciplined and focused and I can digest them faster,” said the slender 31-year-old brunette from Bay Ridge, who dipped each little chocolate cake into a glass of water before shoving it whole into her mouth.

Folks do not try this at home!! Failed competitors in such eating contests often feel sick afterwards.

Regardless of the special power to eat cupcakes that Nancy Cummings has, the yogic texts are very clear on the…

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