Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi: By Kunju Swami

Kunju Swami on Bhagavan Ramana

Editor’s Note: Kunju Swami was one of the great devotees of Sri Ramana.


IT WAS IN 1919 that I first came to Sri Bhagavan. He was then living at Skandasramam on the slope of the Hill Arunachala. His mother and brother lived with him. Palaniswami used to attend to his few personal wants. Plague had driven away most of the inhabitants of the town and consequently visitors to Sri Bhagavan were few. I was, therefore, left alone with Sri Bhagavan most of the time.

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One thought on “Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi: By Kunju Swami

  1. Respected Sir,Getting this mail is Bhagwan’s grace is what i feel right now.Thoughts on Sri Bhagwan, search to so many unknown Questions etc….the mail in the inbox asking me to continue the search is what ……With regards prema 


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