Advaita-Vedanta and Sri Ramana: By Dr. Harsh K. Luthar

Advaita is a Sanskrit term and means “not two”. It refers to the philosophy of nondualism. There is a lot of literature on Advaita Vedanta that can be found in any good library and, of course, the Internet.

Excellent and reliable information on classical Advaita-Vedanta and the saints associated with that tradition can be found at the following links.

Usually you will see the term Advaita Vedanta, where Advaita serves as an adjective for Vedanta (Nondual Vedanta). Dvaita is the Sanskrit term that refers to Dualism.

The best known modern exponent of the philosophy of Advaita Vedanta, who tied it to the practice of persistent Self-Inquiry, is Ramana Maharishi, the Sage of Arunachala. The method of Self-Inquiry involves asking oneself the question, “Who Am I” and reflecting deeply on the source of one’s identity that is felt in everyone as the sense of simply being or existing. See…

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