So Much Love For Japan: By Helene Averous

In this moment

I feel so much love for Japan

I hear words of sorrow

I see people in tears

I don’t know what is real

I don’t know what to fear

I am just still

And I feel Love for Japan

There is so much Love

Coming from nowhere

And it keeps growing

And growing

That is what I feel

Love for Japan and its people

Like light diamond pearls

Tears rolling on the cheeks

I feel Love

Only Love

And deep within my stillness

I want to kiss you Japan

I feel an immense Joy in my embrace of you





I am always with you forever






What I am

What you are

We are One Heart

Earthquake, Tsunami, and Nuclear plants leaking radiation in Japan. I don’t know why this happened to your country. Here is my poem of love for Japan. I am sorry for your pain. We are all with you as one heart.

Helene Averous

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