Professor Michael Roberto’s Blog

Professor Michael Roberto is a colleague of mine at Bryant University in the Management Department.

Professor Michael Roberto

Mike has been developing an excellent blog on leadership, decision making, and competitive strategy. The url is given below.

The blog is a valued resource for students and professors of business and the general reader interested in management and leadership issues.

Mike’s comments on the current business environment cover a broad range of topics and I find them to be very insightful and informative. Mike has written two books on the topic of leaders and leadership. His latest book is called, “Know What You Don’t Know” and is widely available through various outlets like Amazon.

Mike is a great person to talk to and very helpful to his colleagues in sharing his knowledge of teaching and learning methodologies. Mike will be part of a workshop at the Academy of Management in Chicago (August 7-11) that will teach other professors about how to start a blog and use it for educational and professional purposes.

I am very enthusiastic about finding professors and colleagues like Mike who are writing and sharing on the Internet on business and management issues. I love reading Professor Michael Roberto’s blog and highly recommend it to others.

Harsh K. Luthar

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