You, Yourself, are This Moment: By Dr. Harsh K. Luthar

Ultimately the mystery of existence is tied to the mystery of perception. What is it that we are truly able to perceive just as it really is, without interpretation? Whatever must be given interpretation is necessarily going to be distorted.

And yet there are moments in life which require no interpretation until they are remembered.

When two lovers meet there comes a moment of pure being without interpretation. It may be in a simple embrace. When a child is held by his mother, a similar moment arises for the child.

Such moments point to or indicate the possibility which is always alive in us. Self-Realization is simply that. It is infinity caught in the moment and the moment expanded to infinity.

Whether one is sipping tea, playing chess, in meditation, with friends, family, etc., that moment is always there. It is just You.

You, yourself, are this present moment. Here and now, you are free.

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