ALL IS ONE -Yet We Are Not Alone: By Michael Bowes

By Michael Bowes

One can be certain that one is not alone in this world. As long as we consider ourselves to be a separate, limited, mortal individual in this sometimes bewildering existence, one can be certain that the presence and guidance of the true guru, the eternal guide, is always with us. That loving guide draws us to ItSelf just as the flowers attract the bees.

Have you noticed how persons use expressions similar to the following – “I said to myself”, “I thought to myself”, “I told myself”, “I asked myself”?
Who is the “I” that asks one’s self, who is the “I” that thinks to one’s self, who is the “I” that tells one’s self? And who is the “myself” that “I” tells?
These expressions and questions are subtle indications of the fractured nature of our existence; but they are also indications of the one who is guiding the other home, back to eternal peace and bliss – back to the multivaried oneness that is our very nature.

If we haven’t already, at some point we will discover the one who is guiding the other home. And in so doing we find our very own self – our eternal, immortal guide and companion. This loving guide is within and without, and is present in all places and at all times regardless of our personal merit or lack of merit.

In the coming days, weeks and months, I’d like to offer some stories about the journey, the guide and the goal.

Love to all.

You Take My Breath Away: By Dr. Harsh K. Luthar

The Vegan Chef

Since we consider many possibilities about the future, we can consider the possibility, that thoughts and imagination can come to a complete halt in the presence of the supreme and true love. There is a saying in English that poets and lovers use, “You take my breath away.” It has deep meaning. Whoever or whatever takes your breath away is your Guru, Guide, and the Goddess.

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