(Amanda) Berit Ellingsen, M.Sc., lives in western Norway, is educated in biology and multimedia design and hopes to begin working with web or video media. She has been a regular on the HarshaSatsangh since 1999 and likes cats, computers, popular culture, photography, meditation and Jnana Yoga.

Eric Ashford

The bones of my life experience are unremarkable. As we all are, I am many things to many people. My hats do not define, and thus in time, they need no detail.

I have traveled the world looking for my Beloved. A worthless dervish, that carries his poems as love letters, to those who know how to read between the lines. I had journeyed, little knowing that I had left my love at home, hid in a drawer marked- ‘Do not open until wed.’ You recall, Rumi’s death day was also his wedding day, and so I am lighting my light in this heart and bedchamber, to die for love before I die. My works are the flowers and weeds of deep listening, and sometimes also the gifts of of butterfly catching. The serendipity of divine inspiration, or old stones not worth the picking up. Yet I say them all as my path of healing to that One who is both the mirror of the wound of parting, and the solace of the found in God.

Jerry Biberman, Ph.D.

Jerry Biberman is Chair of the Management/Marketing Department and Professor of Management of the University of Scranton. He writes, teaches, consults, speaks, and conduct workshops in the areas of work and spirituality, workplace diversity, and organization transformation. Jerry is co-editor, with Michael Whitty, Professor of Management, College of Business, University of Detroit-Mercy, of “Work and Spirit: a Reader of New Spiritual Paradigms for Organizations”, published by the University of Scranton Press. He was a founder and first chair of the Management, Spirituality and Religion interest group of the Academy of Management, and co-founder and track chair of the Spirituality in Organizations track of the International Academy of Business Disciples (IABD).

Drawing from and synthesizing his personal experiences of Jewish mysticism, the spiritual exercises of St. Ignatius of Loyola, meditation, yoga, tai chi, and spiritual traditions from around the world, Jerry uses a variety of interactive techniques: such as discussion, small group work, case analysis, experiential exercises, videos and other media to involve clients in the learning and growth process.

Jerry can be reached by email at . His web site is

David Bozzi

Much of David Bozzi’s work is composed of archetypal imagery presented in classical inkblot context. That is, it’s imbued with the Intent to conjure the deeper portion of the reader’s sub-conscious mind and allow whatever is present there to dictate meaning on multiple levels. David posts his work at ~InkBlot Poetry~. Visitors are encouraged to bring a Friend. Inkblot.

Linda Callanan

Linda Callanan has worked for over 20 years in the fields of Astrology, Yoga and related subjects. She is a member of the American Council of Vedic Astrologers and teaches Annai Yoga and Astrology to individuals and groups.

Richard Clarke

Richard Clarke lives in San Jose, CA. He studied Zen and Ch’an Buddhism for 20 years, and ten years ago was introduced to Ramana Maharshi and the pure nonduality of Advaita Vedanta when a friend invited him to attend satsang at the Society of Abidance in Truth (SAT) in Santa Cruz, CA. Satsang is held there by one or two Self-realized sages, with Nome as the primary teacher, and Russell Smith also teaching. What I heard and experienced touched me deeply. For the last ten years I have been attending satsang and retreats at SAT, and learning about, then actually practicing Self-inquiry. My wife and I practice together. Gradually and progressively we feel a deepening in our being, and more joy each day. We live and work in Silicon Valley, with nearly grown kids, a house next to a creek with fruit trees, birds and squirrels. In the summer we have tomatoes and strawberries. The squirrels are getting used to me meditating in the yard when the weather is nice. What is most important is to keep practicing.

Gabriele Ebert

I am living in Germany and I am a librarian in a school library. Besides that, I am working on a biography about Sri Ramana in German language, which isn’t yet finished and is meant for publishing. This work helps me a lot to gain more insight into Sri Ramana’s life and teaching – and is also a form of meditation and surrender.

Greg Goode, Ph.D.

Greg Goode, who works at a law firm, studied psychology and philosophy at the University of California, University of Cologne (Germany), and University of Rochester. A student of deep inquiry for decades until his search came to a peaceful and blissful conclusion, Greg has written about consciousness, culture, nondualism, psychology, yoga, meditation, Buddhism, and Advaita Vedanta. He is a contributor to the Nonduality Salon, HarshaSatsangh, MahaMudra and Dharma-Direct internet lists, as well as a co-moderator of the Advaitin list. He teaches Advaita and Madhyamika philosophy in New York City, and has a set of web pages on the website called Presence.

David Hodges, M.A.

David Hodges is a Web developer who lives and works in New Haven, Connecticut. He studied English at Antioch College, and Creative Writing at Southern Connecticut State University. A student of Yoga, he has been inspired by the works of Sri Ramana Maharshi, Sri Nisargatta Maharaj, and Sri Aurobindo. He is a poet and photographer, and keeps an online journal on his web site,, where you can find some of his photographs and writings.


Kheyala lives in the Sierra Foothills of California. She graduated with honors from The School of Enlightenment and has dedicated the rest of her life to abandoning everything she learned there.

Ken Knight

Back in England I play the part of a mature…very mature at 61…student at university who is researching the notion of ineffability in the mystic traditions and teachings of Bhartrihari, Shankara and Abhinavagupta. Anyone similarly interested can contact me at : Peace and Happiness

Mazie Lane

Well, I guess I’ll just tell what led me to where I’m at now: At the age of 20 I had a near-death experience and was guided to Paramahansa Yoganandaji, my guru. The path he’s shown me is the path of devotion as advised in the Bhagavad-Gita. At the same time as this, Sri Ramana Maharshi also stepped into my life, presenting the query “Who am I?” I studied literature and poetry while at Sacramento State University, and, also the study of figure-drawing was a keen interest. My interest in the “spiritual” began as a child contemplating “how far is far?” During the past year my chief occupation has been the writing of mystical poetry, inspired mainly by Rumi and Hafiz. Being in the company of this Advaitist group has been the best lesson I could turn to each day.

Gloria Lee, M.A.

Gloria lives in the quiet countryside, enjoying retirement from social work and counseling. She and her husband spend their leisure time singing with the local college chorale, gardening, and reading together. Their latest project is making a small pond. As a list afficionado from their beginnings, Gloria also participates in Nonduality Salon, No Doer, and True Vision, along with Harsha Satsangh. She and Jerry Katz co-edit the Nondual Highlights.

Jody Radzik

Jody Radzik refers to a person who exists in the world as the creative director of a small advertising agency in Newport Beach, California ( King Group). He is also a member of a community of shakta devotees known as Kali Mandir in Laguna Beach, California (see Kali Mandir). He spends his time hiking, snowboarding, mountain biking and rollerblading while wondering why he even exists at all. His writing will eventually show up at kaliflower.

Michael Rosker

Michael Rosker lives in New York City where he has a teaching practice in the Chinese Energetics method of spiritual/emotional healing. A veteran of guru-centric and satsang movements, he is familiar with a wide number of modern spiritual teachings. Currently, he is writing a commentary on Nagarjuna’s TREATISE ON THE MIDDLE WAY.

Daniel Singer

Daniel Singer lives in New York City where he is a teacher of the F.M. Alexander Technique. He is co-author of the book The Sacred Portable Now.

Steve Toth

Born in Bemidji, Minnesota, grew up on the Iowa side of the Mississippi River. Graduated from the University of Iowa, Iowa Writers Workshop (undergrad). Met & married Sheila. Living in Los Angeles more than half my life now. Still in love.

James Traverse

There is no way to Love.

Love is The Way.

James Traverse communicates the singular elegance of the Intelligence of Innocence.

James represents the special competence of following the ingenuous path of natural order to reveal the elusive obvious. This Simplicity, once understood, resonates deeply intuitively – it has “the ring of authenticity” which penetrates beyond the mind and book learning to awaken the Intelligence of the Heart. The full flowering is the living understanding of the Intelligence of the Whole before, beyond, and between the Intelligence of the Mind and the Intelligence of the Heart.

James has studied Yoga and Meditative Arts for over 30 years. He is the founder of four Yoga and Meditation centers in Canada and he has facilitated yoga classes and mind-body seminars for 17 years. In his initial studies he became familiar with the philosophies of Gandhi, Lao Tze, Chuang Tzu, Tagore, J.Krishnamurti and later he was initiated into the non-dual wisdom of Advaita. What struck him about Advaita was the distinction his principal teacher and mentor, Jean Klein, made between traditional and Tradition – the principle transmitted from teacher to student.

James has had many brilliant teachers throughout North America and in India. His most influential teachers were Yogacharya B.K.S. Iyengar, Rishi Prabakhar, physicist David Bohm, and Pundit Ravi Shankar. And, James’ education was complete when he met Jean Klein, who has been called, ‘the Greatest Teacher of Advaita in the Western Hemisphere.’ Jean’s way of being confirmed and expanded James’ insight that it is actually humanly possible to become fully integrated and awake in the Whole.

Today, James lives the Way of Harmony with the balance of his personal life, his teaching sessions, and by limiting his speaking engagements to just 3-4 per year. In this way, James continues to honour the Intelligence of Innocence by being available to openness, Love. Being Yoga.

Upasika Bach Lien (Sandra Pippa)

Has studied Advaita Vedanta at the School of Practical Philosophy for 12 years, and was a satsang student for several years after that. She now studies Middle Way and Pure Land Buddhism. She is in the lay dharma teacher training program at the Hai An Pagoda in New Britain, CT, and meditates at the Chuang Yen Monastery in Carmel, New York.

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