The Way of The Seeker – Surrender: By Aparna Sharma

“To be entirely sincere means to desire the divine Truth only, to surrender yourself more and more to the Divine Mother, to reject all personal demand and desire other than this one aspiration, to offer every action of life to the Divine and do it as the work given without bringing in the ego. This is the basis of the divine life.

-Sri Aurobindo

The way of the seeker is SURRENDER. In other words, TRUST.

Complete trust in the beauty of the Divine will over my own.  The seeker is so completely open to everything that he  just naturally flows with the seemingly harsh, swirling activity of the world around him. This deep trust carries him through the flow of life, through vicissitudes and marshes and darkness, yet ever closer to the scarlet dawn.

The principle declared by Sri Aurobindo to be the Alpha and Omega of his Yoga, the only means, the only remedy, the only solution- Surrender. The principle is simplicity itself: as there is nothing else than the Lord, he is the only Doer and the only deed. The manifestation is his; therefore the evolution within that manifestation can only be his.

It is, he said, as if The Divine Mother is ‘herself carrying on the Sadhana of the earth-consciousness’ surrendering ‘to  herself from whom the forces of transformation come’.

A mortal chanting to a Buddha- and in that moment of complete trust, or surrender all past present and future is washed out. No karma, no blemishes, no separation, no duality remains- ‘Sadhak’, ‘sadhya’ and ‘saadhana’– All one- all Thee Thyself.

But the first step is, again – Surrender

“The surrender must be total and seize all the parts of the being.” he says in THE MOTHER.  “There must be in no part of the being, even the most external, anything that makes a reserve, anything that hides behind doubts, confusions and subterfuges, anything that revolts or refuses. If part of the being surrenders, but another part reserves itself, follows its own way or makes its own conditions, then each time that that happens, you are yourself pushing the divine Grace away from you.

If behind your devotion and surrender you make a cover for your desires, egoistic demands and vital insistence, if you put these things in place of the true aspiration or mix them with it and try to impose them on the Divine Shakti, then it is idle to invoke the divine Grace to transform you.

If you open yourself on one side or in one part to the Truth and on another side are constantly opening the gates to hostile forces, it is vain to expect that the divine Grace will abide with you. You must keep the temple clean if you wish to install there the living Presence.”

The Mother speaks further of Sincerity in this Surrender: “In fact as long as the ego is there, one cannot say that a being is perfectly sincere,’ even though it is striving to become sincere. One must pass beyond the ego, give oneself up totally to the Divine Will, surrender without reserve and without calculating. Then one can be perfectly sincere, not before…..To be perfectly sincere, it is indispensable not to have any preference, any desire, any attraction, any dislike, any sympathy or antipathy, any attachment, any repulsion. One must live in a total, integral vision of things, in which everything is in its place.”

When the seeker truly surrenders himself, when he surrenders the egoistic self that drives the mind, when he renounces his narrow limits and lets himself be invaded by the Divine and made a center for its play, he finds in himself, a wholeness or completeness that requires no other. And that is his “Self.”  He finally recognizes his own nature – whole and complete and infinite- without needing to define himself by his work or relationships or race or age or even thoughts or personality.

It is a drop giving up the tension of the little, limited drop she believes herself to be and realizing the deep power of the ocean she truly is- the tides, the currents, the waves and seas within the seas she is.

“If you try to hang on to your life, you will lose it. But

if you give up your life for my sake, you will save it.”

Jesus in Matthew 16:25

Till that stage there is always a gap; a hollowness we often feel, that empty place that is the gulf between the individual and the Eternal. Most of the time we look away, spend all our life running from that canyon. But the mystic sits on the cliff edge and, though frightened, stares endlessly into the great space and gives up to grace…..until suddenly, in a flash the emptiness is seen not as a distance but a connection, a joining. The gulf is itself the bridge spanning the distance, and he discovers that he can walk upon it, that there was, in fact, never any separation or distance.”

It is then, when the seeker surrenders himself in complete submission to the One Existence, that a thousand worlds leap out of him. The drop finally knows her Oceanic Being through supreme yielding, by melting into it.

2 thoughts on “The Way of The Seeker – Surrender: By Aparna Sharma

  1. “The surrender must be total and seize all the parts of the being.” Beautiful statement. It is esier said than done. Not possible by everyone. We all know it and understand it but cannot put it into practice. For all those who could do it, they could see the truth only at the end of the marathon effort.

    Very well written with quotes from Shri Arabindo and the Mother. Congratulations Aparnaji. Please keep writing.


  2. Thank you Aparna-jji for sharing that article. Sri Ramana has also emphasized complete surrender to the Divine as a way to Self-Realization. Surrender is, in fact, a well established theme in Hinduism. In the Bhagavad-Gita, Sri Krishna also tells Arjuna to surrender to the Lord and then engage in action without expectation of the results.


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